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If you have big plans to scale up then you’re going to need the right people, not the best applicant. That’s why we don’t offer a list of services, we offer partnership.

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Values driven recruitment

Mind the talent gap

Many businesses struggle with retaining and attracting top talent, especially tech start-ups competing with big brands. In the latest State of Startups Report*, 66.4% of venture-backed startup founders rated hiring good people as a top concern. And it’s not just tech roles either, the top five roles founders struggle to fill are:


We’re not just a technical recruiter that places tech talent when they need it, we manage global recruitment campaigns for tech start-ups and scale-ups who need the right people.

We’re honest and transparent

Everything we do is communicated through our shared platform, so everyone is on the same page. We’re in touch, on the phone, checking in and making sure our clients can see the level of work and service we deliver.

We work hard
We search hard

Every search is a dedicated search and we’ll work it till it’s done. There’s no cutting corners, spot trading or spamming. Our approach is qualitative so that means we take the time to find good people by taking a brief, proposing a search strategy, implementing it. generating a shortlist and doing whatever it takes to find the right fit.

No! To boring board meetings

We’re responsible for people’s time, money and wellbeing so we do everything we can to smooth the process. We ease cash flow by offering split payments for a year, we create bespoke coversheets that save time for managers and we give everyone honest feedback.

Working with Findrs was great! Sorrel, Charlotte and the the team felt more like internal recruiters than an external organisation due to the level of care & attention they devoted to finding the right candidates.

Katie Wadley, Holland & Barrett

Pricing models

Build the right team with the right team

Looking to scale up?
Here’s how Findrs can help you to hire talent

Shared risk split payments

Fee based on 23% of starting salary.

Paid over 6 months from start date.

If the candidate leaves or you have to let them go – you just stop making payments.

Traditional model

Fee based on 18% of starting salary.

1 fee Paid on start date.

If candidate leaves within 3 months you’ll get a free replacement or sliding scale rebate.

We work hard
We search hard

We find good people to build solid teams that create the conditions for everyone to succeed.
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