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Findrs, partners with legaltech platform, SeedLegals, to offer startup growth support

by Chris Booth, Jun 01, 2022

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With 350 new founders joining their platform each week, leading legaltech firm, SeedLegals, partners with start up recruitment agency, Findrs, to enable and empower founders through key stages of their Growth Cycle.

SeedLegals is a leading legaltech platform designed to automate legal solutions for startups and small businesses. Offering a range of easy-to-use, intuitive systems, the company aims to enable founders to easily manage shares, raise investment, and grow their business more efficiently than ever before.

Fundraising and recruitment are two of the most daunting areas in a company’s growth cycle; both of which can be make or break for startups. The partnership between the personable, left-field recruiters at Findrs and the forward-thinking tech functionality at SeedLegals aims to simplify these aspects of the growth journey for founders by removing all unnecessary hassle and risk.

Through the SeedLegals platform, founders can access a range of key functionalities that enable them to save time that was previously wasted filing fundraising paperwork and managing the legal admin that comes with owning a business, a goal shared by the team at Findrs.

Findrs founder and CEO, Chris Booth, stated about the partnership: “Our goal is to be the no-brainer recruitment partner for tech startups and scaleups who are looking to expand their teams both globally and within the UK. We aim to reduce time, cost, and risk of startup recruitment with a range of different benefits that we offer both clients and candidates. Becoming SeedLegals’ first recruitment partner was a natural next step for us since we both share the same value proposition: to make tasks that have previously been arduous, risky, and time-consuming for tech founders easier and more efficient than ever.”

As part of Findrs’ mission to become the strategic growth partner of choice for tech startups and scaleups nationwide, the recruitment company goes above and beyond to support founders with appealing shared-risk commercial terms and endless support with investment planning and pitch deck reviews. The human and personal element brought by Findrs fits hand-in-hand with SeedLegals’ tech-led solution that offers founders the space to raise investment using a variety of digital tools including Shareholder’s Agreements, Cap Tables, and SEIS & EIS Certificates.

Commenting on the partnership, Vasu Sarin, Head of Partnerships at SeedLegals said: “'We are looking forward to Findrs supporting our startups with their hiring needs as they continue to start, run and scale."

Following the partnership’s launch on June 1st, the two companies will be working together to help educate founders on raising investments and growing successful teams. The first step on this journey will be an upcoming webinar from Findrs’ founder, Chris Booth, on “How to Strategically Build a Highly Scalable team”.

Find out how SeedLegals can help your startup grow, or if you’re interested in partnering with SeedLegals, check out the SeedLegals Partner Community 

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