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Built out a full team for a new aquisition


About Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett is one of the world’s leading health & wellness retailers, supplying countless vitamins, minerals, health supplements, specialist foods, and natural beauty products.

With over 1300+ stores across the UK and a fast-growing ecommerce site, Holland & Barrett is going global, gaining popularity in markets like the Netherlands, Malta, UAE, China, and India.

The Requirements

In early 2021, Holland & Barrett acquired health & wellness startup, Live Better With and asked for our help recruiting for various roles. Live Better With is a subscription-based company that creates content & sells subscription supplements to women throughout their menopause journey. Holland & Barrett saw the opportunity to expand this type of journey into a range of sectors including sleep, gut health, and diagnosis. But they couldn’t do it without recruiting for totally new roles. So they called in the big guns (us)...

The Positions

When we first met Holland & Barrett, they wanted our support to fill 11 new placements across product, marketing, content, and category teams to help scale their subscription-based initiatives.

So we got to work. Using our efficient growth methodology, we redefined a successful recruitment strategy for 8 roles at different levels of seniority and worked to place the ideal candidate for every role. This saved time and money on unnecessary placements.

  • Marketing Content Editor

  • Copywriter

  • Community Lead

  • Diagnosis Proposition Manager

  • Commercial & Performance Manager

  • Senior Category Manager

  • Head of Content

  • Proposition Manager

Working with Findrs was great! Sorrel, Charlotte and the the team felt more like internal recruiters than an external organisation due to the level of care & attention they devoted to finding the right candidates.

Since our 8 vacancies spanned various teams, we thought we may have to engage multiple agencies to find the perfect candidates. But Findrs implemented the perfect strategy that saved us time and money with a holistic solution. We couldn’t be happier!

KATIE WADEY, Innovation Director

Holland & Barrett

The Details

The Approach

To find the best candidate for all 8 roles, we developed a bespoke campaign strategy. Collaborating with H&B, we drafted job ads, shortlisted potential applicants, and created a recruitment pitch deck for interested candidates. We attacked the project from all angles, searching on both an assignment & category level.

We chose a marketing-driven approach where we could harness current activity in lively candidate markets. We identified & shortlisted many hopeful prospects through LinkedIn, which also produced loads of great passive candidates.

As always, we worked closely with our contacts at Holland & Barrett, conducting weekly catch up calls & implementing our risk-share process, designed to drive the strategy through to its successful conclusion.

The Challenges

Every project has it’s fair share of hills to climb - with Holland & Barrett, we found some roles were so niche that there were few candidates who fit the requirements. This was most concerning with the Commercial and Performance Manager, where we lacked candidates in the health & wellness field who met the specifications.

The Solution

By consistently collaborating with H&B with weekly check-ins & sharing the recruitment risk, the team trusted us to redefine our strategy. So, we worked tirelessly on every role until we found the needle in the haystack: the perfect candidate with the relevant skills & experience who was the perfect cultural fit too!

Our deep understanding of the company, the role, and the quality of the desired candidate, allowed us to be flexible with H&B, bending their specifications slightly when needed to help them make multiple great placements that pleased all.

The Feedback

“When we first acquired Live Better With, we saw this as a great opportunity to expand our subscription-based services, but we knew this would take a lot of time, effort, and energy in recruiting for various new, unique roles - many of which had complicated specifications.”

“Working with Sorrel and the team at Findrs has been a blessing. Not only did they take the time to devise a unique strategy based on our growth targets, but they also worked hard to understand the detail of each role to ensure they only ever put forward appropriate candidates.

Unlike other recruiters, when you work with Findrs, it’s clear they genuinely care about the employer and the candidate - its about so much more than simply filling roles or box-tickimg. They honestly aim for the highest levels of satisfaction and development across the board.”

“Even when the hunt for skilled and experienced candidates seemed impossible, Sorrel, Charlotte, and the team were persistent, using first-class strategies and helping us adapt our expectations to build our incredible teams. Thanks Findrs!”


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